Individual, Marriage and Family Counseling Houston TX

  • Are you tired of going in circles around a career or personal issue?
  • Are you struggling with a relationship problem?
  • Are you dealing with depression, anxiety, sexual, or addiction related concerns?
  • Are you a victim of trauma or abuse and still don’t feel safe inside?
  • Are you experiencing anger that interferes with your sense of self and your relationships?
  • Are you tired of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

We collaborate with you to explore ways you can gain the knowledge and understanding of how relationships work and how problems can be resolved in even the most challenging situations.

We provide empathetic and caring counseling services for individuals, ALL couples, and families.

Individuals that seek our help are usually feeling anxious or depressed as a result of distress in their lives, careers, or relationships. We work together with you to help find solutions that can lead to, improved relationships, choosing the right partner, and exploring the choices and assets you have available to you as you make adjustments that can help to change your outlook on life!

Couples that we see are in various stages of their relationship (i.e.; dating, engaged, cohabitating, or married). We help these couples get out of negative interaction cycles and reconnect with each other.

Families that come to us are frequently dealing with parenting issues, communication, or anger issues between one or more family members. We work together with families to solve these and other issues, and help you to make lasting changes.

We believe that while you are the expert in your own life, that we can help our clients to expand their picture of the problem and to find new possibilities for change.

Whether the sessions are with an individual, couple or family, the therapist always views the client as embedded in various relationships.

We believe that a person grows in relationships and it is our mission to help our clients resolve conflict, establish resources and improve relating skills needed to enhance the overall health of their lives and relationships.